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Storm Checklist

Severe storms are more common than any other natural hazard.

They occur regularly in South East Queensland between September and March and can produce damaging winds, hail, lightening and flash floods.

What should I do before a storm?

  • Check and clean your roof, gutters and downpipes
  • Trim trees and clear garden debris
  • Identify loose objects on your deck or in your garden which may need to be secured or put away
  • Ensure you have an emergency plan and a fully stocked emergency kit

What should I do as a storm approaches?

  • Make sure you have a fully charged mobile phone nearby or that you have access to a phone which does not require mains power to operate
  • Keep a torch handy
  • Secure loose items
  • Place your vehicle undercover or cover it with tarpaulins or blankets
  • Secure all external doors and windows
  • Shelter and secure pets and animals
  • Listen to your local radio station, 612 ABC, 101.5FM or 99.7FM  for information
  • Disconnect unneeded electrical appliances
  • Keep your emergency kit close by
  • Be aware of neighbours who may need assistance

What should I do during the storm?

  • Stay indoors, away from windows, doors and skylights
  • If outdoors, attempt to find shelter away from trees
  • If driving, stop clear of trees, power lines and streams
  • Listen to your local radio station, 612 ABC, 101.5FM or 99.7FM for updates
  • Avoid using landlines phones and other electrical devices during the storm

What should I do after the storm has passed?

  • If you are renting through our property management department, please get in touch with your Property Manager to let them know any damages as soon as possible
  • Determine if any one has been injured or if damage has been sustained
  • Call 000 for life threatening emergencies
  • Call the SES on 132 500 for assistance with storm damage including damage to roofs and fallen trees on buildings
  • Continue to listen to the radio for further warnings or advice
  • Stay clear of fallen power lines and report to Energex  on 131 962
  • Call Energex  on 136 262 to report power outages or get the latest power restoration updates
  • Check the safety and wellbeing of neighbours