Property Management

The Importance of Quality Advertising

The advertising of your investment property should not be treated any differently to how it would be if it were for sale. At Ray White Wamuran we understand the importance of quality photographs and the impact that they have on the rental market. The photographs are often your very first point of contact with your prospective tenants, they will often browse the internet and make a decision on the property based on what they see in the photographs. Needless to say if the photographs are poor the tenants will move onto the next property without making an enquiry. It is imperative to ensure your property is presented in its best possible light. We have included below some examples of what we do in comparison to what some other agents think is acceptable.

Ray White Wamuran advertising photos:

Clear, bright, clean photos showing the best features of your investment!

Other agencies advertising photos:

Dark, blurry, messy photos taken in a rush!

When your property is advertised online and sometimes competing with 50-100 other properties in the area it is important to stand out from the crowd. Quality advertising is just one integral component of our Property Management services, for further information on how we can maximise your return please contact us on 07 5429 8355 or on email