Nykayla Dux



Having a diverse range of experience in customer service driven roles, as well as her outgoing and friendly personality, Nyk thrives in her role as reception/administration. 

Nyk is the fresh face when you visit the office, and the helpful voice over the phone. She prides herself on delivering a positive and professional experience every time. She is more than happy to help, and will handle all your enquiries efficiently and to the highest standard.

Nyk is currently completing her double degree in law & business and plans on using this to not only further her career in real estate but to use her voice to make a change. Her passion for life has already taken her to the other side of the world but she plans on adding more stamps to her passport over the coming years. 

With a passion to learn, a strong opinion, and an optimistic approach to life there is never a dull moment! If she isn't in the office (or with her head in a textbook) she is either at the beach, dancing at a music festival or cuddling with her puppy.

Being local to the area and an active member of the community, she truly believes that this is the place to be. If you're local you'll be sure to see her around, so don't hesitate to stop and say hi!